Thanks to a high level of cooperation on a national level, we are able to provide individuals and sensitive locations with discreet surveillance, to more efficiently identify areas where intervention is needed. Due to our vast experience in both the private and public fields, we are capable of offering high standard bodyguard protection either at home or whilst on the move.


BODYGUARD VIP features its own protection service for those who need to secure their businesses for a given period, or make permanent use of our services in order to reinforce existing security measures.Our service is highly competent and includes physical protection for individuals, data security and protection of computer equipment.

We have experience in the following areas :
- Risk management in business
- Drafting security policies with recommendations and instructions to follow
- Disturbances to management policy
- Planning in business development and support
- Disturbance impact analysis in business management
- Revising security policies for business customers
- Judicial enquiries
- Training and coaching large numbers of agents


Professional Protection Licence, member of the International Professional Security Association, Diplomatic Protection, Security Coordinator.

Personal protection

Bodyguard VIP provides security consulting as well as offering advice regarding your safeguard and that of your family, protecting your work place and residence during leisure time and trips away.

We can supply bodyguards to guarantee your safety in delicate situations. We have fostered tight links with other international close protection firms, meaning wherever you may be in the world, we can provide local bodyguards, who have invaluable knowledge concerning the country in question. All of our employees have successfully passed a professional exam in a training centre that adheres to the BODYGUARD method and philosophy.

Before embarking on an assignment we carefully assess potential dangers and evaluate our client's needs. We then proceed to the planning stage and put into place appropriate protection measures. So before suggesting you opt for a bodyguard, we will always look at other forms of protection so as to limit the intrusion into your private life.


The wealth of experience BODYGUARD VIP has gained in the security sector means that our staff fully grasp the problems surrounding personal protection.


We take on the following assignments:
Protecting corporate managers, training agents, judicial enquiries, certification missions, risk analysis, security policies, drafting and updating security principles, management disruption, testing and evaluating products, analysing the impact of security on business, planning and following-up security in the different stages of business, surveillance and research.

1. Personal protection :

Our expert managers have been working in the security sector for over fifteen years and are committed to client confidentiality as well as fully respecting the ethics of their profession. They provide a secure environment in which their clients and their loved ones may get on with their lives without upset.

In the past our clients have ranged from corporate managers to concert organisers. We have put our know-how to the test in group settings, individually, during promotional tours, social events, fashion shows, public appearances and autograph signings. We have also been involved in film premieres, concerts and TV shows and we have been in charge of security at the Business Forum.

Our protection specialists must overcome a series of challenges, demonstrating their ability to evaluate each given situation in a professional manner, in order to take the necessary measures. They have earned special honours and accolades. They hold a recognised first aid certificate and may be assigned long or short-term contracts. They have built a reputation for their professional qualities which include natural behaviour, loyalty, integrity and good old fashioned reliability. Security is their priority wherever, whenever.

Personal protection is an invaluable investment for each person, his family and his business.

2. Corporate management protection :

Close professional protection is tailor-made to suit each client. Protection of celebrities, individuals, managers and their families involves offering them a secure environment in which to get on with their daily lives.

3. Document delivery :

We also transport and protect documents and valuable goods. This service offers bespoke solutions to suit the individual needs of each client.

4. Investigations :

We take on private investigations, confidential information, domestic violence, fraud, theft, missing persons, extortion of money and serious offences in the business world. We provide employee surveillance and protection as well as targeting theft.

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